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  • The program is open to everyone (students, postdocs, early career researchers, academics) regardless of their career stage.
  • An interviewee can be a person at any career stage (including young researchers and Ph.D students) with inspirational contributions to the MICCAI research fields and society.
  • Participants are allowed to make a team of up to 3 members (i.e., interviewers) who will work together towards preparing and conducting an interview with their inspirational interviewee.
  • A team can have more than one entry; i.e. more than one interview.
  • Each submission should be no less than 10 minutes in duration. Maximum allowed duration is 20 minutes.
  • he awards will only be for the participating team and not for the interviewee.

Evaluation Criteria

Aspects to cover in the interview (but not limited to)

  • Advice from the heart that the interviewee gives to our research community members (a take-away story maybe).
  • Career trajectories, shifts (from academia to industry or vice versa), and development.
  • Stories on how the interviewee joined the medical imaging/machine learning community and what inspires them to continue in this field.
  • The potential in medical imaging research for newbies.
  • The challenges faced at the beginning of their careers, and how it turned to be a motivational story (whether personal or career-wise).
  • Sharing success stories/struggles with graduate students and post-docs on publishing manuscripts and/or grant writing.
  • Entrepreneurial/Startups challenges that are most commonly faced and tips to overcome them.

Interviewer skills

  • Confidence
  • Preparation
  • Video Quality
  • Interview content
  • Interview flow


  • Anonymous panel of judges will first review and shortlist the 5 best videos based on the content and interviewer’s skills.
  • Based on public votes on the 5 shortlisted videos, equal award of $300 to be given to the interviewers of the top 3 videos.


  • Deadline: August 10th, 2021 August 31st, 2021
  • Submission link: WiM WILL 2021


Please direct any questions to: womeninmiccai.will@gmail.com


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